Enterprise Solution

 • Wide Area Ethernet Network connecting any number or domestic or international
• P2P, P2Multipoint, Multipoint 2 Multipoint connectivity
• Dedicated high performance and uninterrupted link
• Network management by our certified High Performance Team
• Secured Network

Technical Service Solution

Offering single supplier and single project management to network service and IT support service. It integrates 24 x 7 service hotline for customer support and maintenance.



High Speed Broadband at an affordable price powered by 100% fibre optics network, Whoopie Broadband delivers blazing upload and download speeds for your daily usage.


Centralized IP PBX Home Intercom

• No capital investment on PBX Intercom Server
• Recording are saved in Centralized Server
• Bi-Directional from Guard House to Residences
• Call To Customer Service Centre
• Serve in monthly rate


Handyman Service

Provide home repairs and maintenance service, plumbing work such as fixing a leaky toilet, replace tap, install water heater, changing light fixture, painting and touch-up, air-conditioner service etc.


Smart IPTV Box

• HD Home Theater – Enjoy Mass Internet HD Movie
• 20 HBO / Celestial Movie per month
• Satellite TV Channel
• YouTube Interface
• Home Information Center
• Community Service Portal
• TV Shopping Platform


Not just cleanliness. It includes keeping areas neat and orderly.

IP Camera Surveillance

Centralized Storage IP CCTV

• No capital investment on Network Video Recorder
• Recordings are saved in Centralized Server
• Access CCTV video away from home
• Serve in monthly storage rate


Concierge Service

Concierge assists residents with various tasks like making restaurant reservations, arranging for medical service, Sport and Theme Park booking transportation ( limousines taxi), procurement of tickets to special events, and assisting with various private occasion, special function arrangements

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